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Why should you hire a search engine optimisation expert?

Do you own a brand or business? Do you want to make an online presence for your business or brand? If yes, then an SEO expert can help you to promote your business. If you are thinking to do this by yourself to save your money, then you are thinking wrong as you won’t get those results that were supposed. If you have small information about SEO and online marketing, then your efforts are going to waste.

Search engine optimization is the process which is used to grow traffic and improve rankings of the website. But, you might think about why you should hire a search engine optimization firm or freelance SEO expert? Below are the reasons which are worth to clear your doubts:

Seo Experts To generate traffic to your site

A successful SEO plan aims to produce traffic for your business. By employing an SEO expert, you can improve the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines. If you think to generate traffic for your business, then hire a search engine optimization company or expert.

The Knowledge and Experience

By employing a specialized SEO company to make sure that your SEO plan is having years of experience in the same field. While understanding the fundamentals of SEO is important to anyone in the promotion. An experienced search engine optimization firm can help your brand with its broad knowledge. Google always changes its algorithms and with those changes an experienced can also make a change to strategy. For an unprofessional, it very hard to keep up with these changes so, hiring a professional SEO firm is the best option.

Use Your Resources Effectively

Knowing about the facts of SEO marketing as well as how to correctly design and apply an SEO strategy is exhausting and time-consuming. There is all the time other main concern that you sense you could be focusing on. Rather than spending your time performing the fundamentals of SEO, focus on what you execute best. By hiring a freelance SEO company, you’ll observe how much time you can get to handle your business.

Save Your Business Money

Rather than employing hiring SEO experts, many companies decide to develop in-house SEO people. If you are a big company, then it is suggested to hire a dedicated marketing team to deal with all your SEO strategies. A successful SEO strategy also indicates that you don’t have to spend money on paid ads.SEO focuses on “organic traffic” by clever use of phrases and keywords.

Overtake the Competition

In the current business world, each website race against each other. If you would like to look different from the crowd, then you can initiate by spending on professional SEO services. The professional SEO companies perform detail research about how to grab the attention of customers to your website rather than your competitors.

SEO Tech Rank is a leading search engine optimization company in India. We offer freelance SEO services to our clients at reasonable costs. Contact us today to get our professional Search engine optimization services.

Analysis, Research and Consulting Services

  • Preparing a Plan
  • Comprehensive Keyword analysis
  • Comprehensive Website analysis of Primary targeted keywords
  • Webmaster account setup in Google
  • Google Analytic Setup

On Page Optimization

  • Number of Pages to be optimized
  • Page Title & Meta data preparation
  • Text Creation
  • HTML Sitemap Creation
  • W3C Validation
  • Header tags Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • 404 Error page Creation
  • Navigation & Internal Linking Optimization
  • 301 Redirect
  • Image Optimization
  • XML Site Map Creation
  • RSS Feed Creation
  • Keyword Density Analysis

Off-page SEO

  • Directory submissions
  • Local listing submission
  • DMOZ submission
  • of SEO article submissions per Month
  • of press release distributions per Month
  • Links from Blog/Forum/ Answering (commenting)
  • of social bookmarking for each URL
  • of bookmarked URLs social bookmarking sites
  • Classified / B2B links
  • SMO ( Twitter, Facebook)
  • Building a community in Facebook
  • Content Development
  • SEO article development
  • Press Release development
  • Blog post writing
  • RSS Feed Submission
  • Brand reputation checking
  • Forum Discussion
  • Link Building

Website Reporting & Analytic

  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Keyword position analysis report
  • Link building progress report
  • Comprehensive traffic analysis reports
  • Comprehensive submission reports)
  • Competitors analysis report (3 main competitors)

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